Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Apothecary Jars

I have always had a weakness for glass jars. A wall in my craft room is lined with old mason jars filled with trinkets and treasures, my kitchen counter has large ones with snacks and my bathroom vanity is adorned with q-tip and cotton ball filled I said, I love jars! Here is a fun little diy project with empty candle jars.

These particular jars are from Bath and Body Works but any jars or thrift store finds will work. Make sure your jars are nice and cleaned out before you begin.
Select nobs for the tops, if you want, and drill holes for the knobs.

Paint the tops your color of choice (I chose to paint mine a textured brown so the words would not show through).
Tape off the area you want to etch and use stickers to spell out any words you want. I use Armour Etch, it is a thick paste that is easy to use and I have had the best luck with it. Follow the directions on how long to let the etch set on your item and wash off.
Viola, there you have it, super cute, easy and upcycled apothecary jars for anywhere in your house!

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