Friday, August 31, 2012

Hallway makeover and a bonus!!!

People may think I'm nuts, but I love when my husband leaves on business trips...that's when I GET STUFF DONE!!! Ha ha, but really, when he leaves I can do whatever I want, how ever I want and quickly too. On his latest trip I decided to redo our hallway, finally.  Wallpaper - floor to ceiling - on top of plaster, grrr. I really wanted to do wainscoting to match the bathroom and choose to stick with the same colors also.  After texturing, sanding, painting, cutting and loving using the nail gun, my whole hallway project was around 100 bucks. I was pretty pleased!

Eventually, I would love to get chandeliers, but I just spray painted the existing light fixtures for now. I love that my fish tank fit snug into that awkward cubby and I even painted the drawers a fun turquoise!

Here is my bonus project. With the left over wainscoting pieces, I made chalkboards. The back is a panel from an old door that fell apart and the chalk holder is a Scrabble easel.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Look Whoo's Having A Girl!

I was so happy to throw a
baby shower
for my sister-in-law, who is due in October to have a
sweet little girl.
We decided to have the shower on a Saturday night with
drinks and desserts! Yummy,
who could say no to that...well, the mom to be, but it was partly her idea!