Monday, April 23, 2012

BU2ful Farmhouse Market

We are having a Spring Sale!!!
There will be tons of fun items for sale and just in time for Mother's Day

A list of crafty people with their goods up for grabs include;

*Konen's Karamel- by Jennifer Konen
*Oh Sew Green!- sewing by Racheal McCormack
*Fabric Designs- sewing by Deanna Grimm
*Three Peas in a Pod- bows by Laural Smith
*Re-Use Muse- greeting cards by Wendy
*Concrete Yard Art by Phil
*Honey and Primitive Dolls by Chris Woodland
*Rustic woodwork and fairies by Mary Lou
*Unique Design- Metal Art by Charlene Lillie
*Kitchen Goodies by Kathy
*Elk River Candles by Terry
*Bed Bugs- by Rose Pierce
*BU2ful- plants and upcycled furniture by Betsy BoyerSmith
*Farmhouse Charm- Yard Art and upcycled goods by Elaine Alford

Daddy's Girl

Growing up, I never really considered myself to be a "daddy's girl," but, I was always a serious tomboy. I had older brothers who went to work with him everyday from sunrise to sunset and I always thought to myself "they are going to be exactly like him." Well guess what, I am proud to say that I am exactly like him, we are junkers at heart.  It drives my brothers nuts the stuff he has stock piled everywhere and can't get rid of.  The other night he called me to say he was cleaning up a bit and saved a few things for me I might like.  To others this might be junk, garbage, crap, or what have you, but to me and my dad, these are treasures!

Here's a peek at a few of the items he gave me and an "after" of one of the watering cans in my yard.  Thanks Dad,  I Love You!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Heads Up!

This side table is a fun little yard sale purchase with a makeover.  The top had a perfect lip on it that would hold something well, so I decided to go with pennies. Three coats of different colored paint, (teal, chocolate and tan) some light sanding, a little new hardware and boom, there you have it.  Now all I need to do is find a mate to make tails.