Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mason Jar Chandelier

This cute little project
was a custom order for a wedding. A good friend of mine called and asked if I could make her something similar to a picture she showed me, but
 *on a budget.*
I said I would try, but no guarantees. And here is the final result.  Finding reasonable chandelier crystals or a chandelier with crystals is not easy task. In the end,
~I loved it~
and decided I need one hanging in my front porch, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thrifting in Spokane

 A few days ago, I listed my dining set for sale on facebook and a good friend of mine, Windie, bought it. I decided to deliver it to Cheney for her so that I would have an excuse to go shopping. I was so excited to visit all of my favorite thrift stores and a few new ones I had never been to. I wanted to go to PINK, which is a newer store downtown, but they were closed, sad day.  My next stop was at ROOST, on main, and I saw tons of things I loved. #1 Painted chandelier light fixtures- the brighter the color, the better they are!, #2 The adorable barn pillow-if I had a little boys room, this would be in it and #3 A wall of corrugated metal-I have been wanting to do this in our house for sooo long.  My next stop was to the International District on Sprague, where they gave me this handy-dandy little map. I found a store I had never been to and was so pleased...Vintage Warehouse! They had everything from vintage clothes to over sized neon letters (and very affordable). I proceeded to hit up a few more thrift stores and then finished the day off with a mini Cinabon, um mm!

Here are a few of the treasures I picked up to makeover; orange chair, chandelier, two matching lamps with crystals (they desperately need new shades), mirror, and not pictured is my favorite purchase, a fake tinsel log fireplace-the orange light bulb gives off such a warm glow...hahaha