Monday, January 9, 2012

Mini Pie Anyone?

Well, thank you Dr. Bailey.  What guy in their right mind would buy a woman a Christmas gift knowing it is for the benefit of the!!!  What can I say, I like new gadgets, whether it be a shop vac, a sander or a four at once mini pie maker, I HAD TO TRY IT.  

So, my first attempt at this pie making, I decided to make pumpkin (that was the only recipe in the book I had all the ingredients to).  They turned out pretty yummy if I do say so myself, and I do not feel bad when I eat a whole pie.  I did start to feel a little sick on my third one that night.  Once I recovered from my belly ache I tried my hand at a TURKEY CHILI pot pie.  My hubby loved 'em and wanted me to be sure to thank that dang Dr.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Graffiti Love

For some crazy reason, I have always loved graffiti.  Now, hear me out, it has to be well done and preferably on a train or the side of an old brick building.  The more colors the better!  A few days ago I stopped by the trains down by the river to snap a few shots.  I love how they turned out and cant wait to incorporate them somehow in a project.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Projects!

For my birthday this year, my lovely mother bought me my very first sewing machine!!  Time to learn how to use it. I decided to take "baby steps" and start out with baby burp rags for my niece.  Her parents are huge Coug fans so she is destined too, I figured, so what better present than something Cougs!!